PRINT® Leading with Awareness Workshops now available to the public!

PRINT® Leading with Awareness Workshops

Our alumni and course graduates regularly comment that it would be valuable for their family members and friends to be able to benefit from our PRINT® Leading with Awareness Workshops.  PRINT® is a revolutionary model that provides, with uncanny accuracy, breakthrough understanding of human motivation and behaviour.

We are now excited to offer, for the first time, an open PRINT® workshop that will help participants learn about their “Unconscious Motivators®” and get to the heart of why they, and others, act and behave as they do. PRINT® focuses on why, not only what.

Join us to for this important step in becoming aware of your own and others’ strengths, talents, perspectives, styles, and preferences.

If you know anyone who would like to:

  • Gain insight their own motivators
  • Transform and improve how they lead
  • Learn how to handle stress, communicate, and collaborate better


  • Build understanding and appreciation of differences in behaviours
  • Recognise strengths, enhance relationships and interactions
  • Improve interpersonal relations
  • Enhance leadership and bring out the best in others and be adaptive to others
  • Develop collaborative and cooperative behaviours and enhance team effectiveness.

On receipt of payment, participants will receive instructions on how to complete their Print® and will receive their report at the workshop.

REGISTRATION: Click here to book online.


14 September: Book before 25th August to qualify for the introductory price of $299 per participant.

Regular Price of $420 per participant.


Register Now


Please share this brochure with your networks. Feel free to  call us on 9369 6777 for more information.

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