Rising Leadership Program


The Rising Leadership Program equips rising leaders with the tools to become both authentic and effective in the workplace.

Over 6 months and ten experiences, the Program fosters new perspectives and thinking on leadership. It explores individual strengths and weaknesses and shows how to harness these for maximum effectiveness as a leader.

Participants have unique and privileged access to Western Australian’s most experienced and insightful leaders across private, community and government sectors. When selecting our program participants, we gather together diversity of thought, industries and experience to create rich learning environment.

The Rising Leadership Program is for mid-level professionals from the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors looking to explore who they are as leaders, build on their strengths, and discover how to take on greater leadership roles.

Leadership WA graduates join an influential Alumni network that comes together regularly to continue to grow and learn, and to give back by contributing expertise and time to social impact activities across WA.

Apply now for early 2019.


The Rising Leadership Program is for people who are ready to explore who they are as leaders and discover how they can reach their full leadership potential. A leader who aspires to take on greater leadership roles and would like to be equipped with the confidence and capacities needed to do this is the ideal candidate for this unique program.

Participants in the program will:

  • Develop a strong understanding of who they are as a leader
  • Develop the confidence and capacities to negotiate complex challenges
  • Develop the capacity to coach and positively influence their teams to achieve performance goals
  • Benefit from the mentorship from more experienced leaders
  • Learn how to engage effectively with community, using their skills to make a meaningful difference in WA.

The program is structured around a series of carefully designed experiences. Each experience focuses on key leadership themes, which the participants explore through engagement with each other and guest speakers, self-exploration and dynamically structured group discussion. Guest speakers include key influential leaders within the community and provide insights both into their private and corporate lives which most people would not normally have the opportunity to access. Development is embedded into every day through reflective practices.


As a participant in the program, you will gain greater leadership knowledge, ability and confidence to:

  • Understand issues of importance
  • Be self-aware with connection to purpose
  • Self-reflect and question existing value systems
  • Understand complexity and interconnectedness
  • Work with ambiguity and take informed risks
  • Make wiser, more informed and collaborative decisions.


The program is structured around a series of carefully designed leadership experiences to ensure learning is individual, meaningful and transferable.

Each experience day includes:

  • In-depth exploration of a key leadership focus
  • Discussion of leadership within a contemporary Western Australian context
  • Collaborative leadership action on community projects.


March Cohort:

Applications Close           4 Feb 2019

Orientation & Exp 1        13 March to 15 March 2019
Exp 2                                   3 April 2019
Exp 3                                   30 April 2019
Exp 4                                   17 May 2019
Exp 5                                   10 June 2019
Exp 6                                   4 July 2019
Exp 7                                   30 July 2019
Exp 8                                   19 August 2019
Exp 9                                   4 September 2019
Exp 10 & Graduation       27 September 2019

July Cohort:

Applications Close           10 June 2019

Orientation & Exp 1         22 July to 24 July 2019
Exp 2                                   12 August 2019
Exp 3                                   2 September 2019
Exp 4 & 5                            19 September & 20 September 2019
Exp 6                                   16 October 2019
Exp 7 & 8                            4 November & 5 November 2019
Exp 9                                   19 November 2019
Exp 10 & Graduation       5 December 2019

The Rising Leadership Program explores a variety of themes that speak to different areas of your personal
and professional development. In 2019, these may include:

  • You Can Make a Difference
  • Opening the Door to Influence
  • Framing Your Values
  • Leading With Vision
  • The Courage to Change
  • The Credible Leader
  • Resilience to Succeed
  • Developing Your Best-Self
  • The Ongoing Connection


Organisational Fee: $6,820
plus Personal Fee: $660
Includes GST.

Includes all program costs. Excludes transport to and from seminars and personal expenses.

If necessary, we can arrange for a payment schedule and also assist with providing information for a business case.

In 2015 we completed a research study with Murdoch University which identified that through our methodologies and reflection practice we increase leadership wisdom. Leadership WA graduates become leaders in their organisations and the community, and contribute their skills to building the capacity of others.

Applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of their personal or organisational financial situation. Applicants may be eligible to apply for consideration of a fee discount or scholarship support.

If funding is unavailable we encourage applicants to apply for a Lotterywest Organisational Development Grant. Applications can be made through the Lotterywest website. Please note the application process may take 3 months.


The Rising Leadership Program is for mid-level professionals from the corporate, government, small business and not-for-profit sectors looking to explore who they are as leaders, build on their strengths, and discover how to take on greater leadership roles.