Alumni Membership Options

Leadership WA Alumni are a strong and influential network of today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, making real and meaningful difference in the community. As an Alumni, you’ll be regularly invited to exclusive events featuring the most experienced and insightful leaders in the State. In 2018, Alumni heard from Richard Goyder AO, Chairman of Woodside; Christina Matthews, CEO, WACA; US Consul General Rachel Cooke; The Hon Chief Justice Wayne Martin AC; and Dale Alcock.

Alumni are also invited to further professional development opportunities, including the Alumni Masterclass series. These events and network are an invaluable asset, ensuring Alumni continue to grow, exchange ideas, and foster a diverse and inclusive leadership community.

Leadership WA Alumni also have the chance to give back to the community through Skillsbank, an initiative, that matches Alumni skills to the strategic capacity building need of community and not-for-profit organisations and projects.

FAQ’s about my Alumni Membership options

After I’ve paid, how long is my membership active for?

One payment gives you one year of membership, effective from the date of payment. Previously, you could only activate your membership for a calendar year, meaning, if you wanted to activate in October, you paid the full annual fee for the last 3 months of the year. Now, you can activate your membership at any time, and it will be valid for a year from the date of payment.

If I select the recommended auto-renewal membership option, when will I be charged each year?

With the auto-renewal option, your membership will automatically renew on the same date every year. This means that Leadership WA will debit your credit card on the same date, every year, unless you opt out. You will receive automated reminders from us when your membership renewal date is nearing, so that you can ensure you are ready for this to occur – and contact us if you aren’t.

How do I opt-out of my auto-renewal membership plan?

It’s easy to opt out of the automatic renewal membership plan by getting in touch with the Leadership WA accounts team at, and notifying them that you would like to cancel your subscription.

How do I renew my membership if I’ve only paid for one year?

If you select to only pay for one year of membership, you will be contacted each year in the lead up to your payment anniversary with reminders to renew. If you reach your payment anniversary without having renewed your membership, your membership will be cancelled until renewal is paid. This means that you will stop receiving invitations to exclusive alumni events and you will not be able to access your online Alumni Community or Skillsbank opportunities. You will continue to receive newsletters from Leadership WA, unless you unsubscribe.

What exactly does my membership entitle me to?

All graduates of the Leadership WA Signature and Rising programs are considered Alumni of Leadership WA and will receive ongoing communications from us. However, when you activate your Alumni Membership, you get access to:

  • Monthly alumni events that enable networking, renewal of contacts, access to speakers and special guests and insight into exclusive locations, facilities and/or buildings.
  • Leadership WA’s Skillsbank initiative, which provides you with ongoing opportunities to find meaningful pro-bono roles at not-for-profits and community organisations. These are advertised through your Online Community and in your newsletter.
  • Special offers from external organisations, such as discounted tickets to conferences and/or speaker events.
  • Special events organised throughout the year by the Leadership WA team.

If I choose not to activate my membership, what can I expect?

As a non-active member of the Leadership WA Alumni, you will continue to receive newsletters from us that will update you on Leadership WA and alumni news, as well as keep you informed about upcoming events should you wish to re-engage with your membership. You may choose to opt out of receiving these newsletters. Other benefits that you will retain despite not activating your membership include:

  • Access to Signature or Rising program Experience Days, with permission from the Leadership Development team at You will find out about upcoming experience days in your newsletter.
    • Note: some experience days will not be open to guests, so it is vital that you request permission to attend from the Leadership WA team.
  • Invitations to some events, as and when arranged by the Leadership WA team.
  • You are welcome to contact the Leadership WA team at any point to discuss membership options, or any other matters regarding the organisation, whether it’s a question or feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

I can’t engage with my alumni membership due to my location or financial situation. What options do I have?

Leadership WA will consider exceptional payment arrangements for those who have difficulty engaging with their alumni membership for geographical, financial or health-related reasons on a case by case basis. To discuss your options, please contact us at