Aspiring Leadership Course for upcoming leaders

The Aspiring Leadership Course is a four-day active-learning experience which will introduce you to key concepts of leadership fundamentals.

Aspiring gives new leaders a practical toolbox of skills to learn who you are, lead more effectively, and build high performing teams. Set over four fast-moving days of powerful insights, the Course is highly interactive, dynamic and focused on building a solid foundation of leadership skills.

Using the latest academic and industry research, Harvard case studies, psychometric assessments, and action-based learning, participants will identify their preferred leadership style and make a plan for their leadership journey.

The Aspiring Leadership Course is best suited to people looking to develop their leadership potential. This could be someone who is aiming to boost their skillset prior to a new leadership role, or a refresher to an experienced leader.


  • Identify and develop leadership fundamentals and styles
  • Develop and practice team building skills
  • Identify how to influence others
  • Improve communication skills
  • Identify your emotional intelligence and ethics


Venue: 363 Wellington St, Perth, WA

Dates: 20 – 23 October 2020


Cost: The cost of Aspiring is $3,520.

This is inclusive of GST and covers all course costs.


If your team needs to address specific concerns, themes, or opportunities, we can shape the Course into a bespoke in-house experience. This is a great way to build a more cohesive team, inspire leadership within and drive productivity.

The Aspiring Leadership Course is delivered over four consecutive days or can be split over 2 two-day sessions. The Course can accommodate between 10 and 30 participants.

Substantially reduced participant fees are available for larger groups of in-house Course delivery.