Leadership WA Foundation

The Leadership WA Foundation was established in 2014 – with a view to increasing our capacity to generate and lead meaningful positive social impact. The foundation has DGR and PBI status which allow it to accept philanthropic and corporate donations that are tax deductible.

Leadership WA, in conjunction with the Foundation has a great deal of potential to have a significant impact, and as we are able to build the funding pool, we aim to support improved accessibility to the programs and the capacity to deliver social impact.

Two primary focus areas:
  • To support the development of leaders who would otherwise not be able to participate in our leadership programs, via scholarships through the foundation
  • Direct social impact work – through specific projects, including supporting the Skillsbank Initiative and Communities of practice. Our aim here is to have very thoughtful and proactive work that will have a positive impact on community.
Flower Leadership WA Foundation


We invite our graduates, alumni, and the wider community to consider how you may be able to contribute to supporting others to access the experience of Leadership WA programs and courses. If you or your organisation would like to make a donation, please email Foundation@leadershipwa.org.au