Leadership WA Spotlight Series

Spotlight on Linda Crumlin

Linda Crumlin is the State Director of the Australian Red Cross in WA. She commenced her career as a nurse in the United Kingdom, before moving into the corporate world. She moved to WA in 2007. From day one of her career, Linda Crumlin has been learning about leadership. Since training as a nurse in […]

Spotlight on Ben Aldridge

Ben Aldridge is a professional speaker and the owner of 30 Foot Drop, an organisation dedicated to increasing openness and inclusion for people with a disability. Ben is a veteran, and at the age of 22, suffered a 30-foot drop which left him a quadriplegic. He is a graduate of Leadership WA’s LeadAbility program and […]

Spotlight on Terry Budge

Terry Budge is an established and respected Western Australian leader with a diverse range of experiences and contributions to the Western Australian community, embracing leadership roles that seek to make an impact. Terry has been the Chancellor of Murdoch University, Managing Director of Bankwest and the National Australia Bank and is currently Director of WestOz […]

Spotlight on Tarun Weeramanthri

Leadership WA caught up with 2011 Signature Leadership Program graduate and Leadership WA Alumnus, Professor Tarun Weeramanthri, currently the Assistant Director General, Public and Aboriginal Health, Department of Health, Western Australia. We posed a few questions to seek his insights on leadership and the challenges and opportunities he has discovered along the way. Tarun has worked in […]

Spotlight on Fadzi Whande

Leadership WA caught up with 2017 Signature Leadership Program graduate and alumna, Fadzi Whande. Whande is a Diversity and Inclusion Strategist, currently working as the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Western Australia. She is an Australia Day Ambassador for Western Australia, sits on the Board of Directors of the Museum of […]

Spotlight on Justine Colyer

Leadership WA caught up with Justine Colyer, who believes not-for-profits can balance commercial astuteness with humanity. Tell me about Rise –your organisation and its goals. JC: The Rise Network, formerly the Hills Community Support Group, assists people with disabilities, mental health issues, the aged, young people at risk, carers, people fleeing from domestic violence, and others […]

Additional Recommended Resources

Reading writing learning

A collection of quotes and take-away inspirations from the 2016 Social Impact Festival, hosted in Perth, Western Australia:

  • Using a collection of two letter words “If it is to be, it is up to me”  – Noel Nannup
  • “Let’s bring together likely and unlikely allies. Let’s listen differently” – Katie Stubley
  • “As humans we have a responsibility to care. We cannot deny the existence of inequality. It’s about shared humanity” – Irina Cattalini
  • “Building businesses that create more value than they extract” – Silvia Zuur
  • “It’s always about the truth, don’t let advocacy get in the way of your work, but promote social change” – Paul Flatau
  • “We need to work together and understand how we can meet on the bridge” – Genevieve Timmons